I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about simplifying my setup and with my daily issues around FaceID still after all this time I’m tempted to make a change. The main reason I stay on the flagship (in this case 11 Pro) is all down to the camera. I spend all that money on a new phone each each just for the camera upgrade. This got me sitting down and thinking about how I could stop this cycle, maybe I need to change the way I think about the camera. As good as it is it still won’t beat a dedicated camera in my opinion.

Maybe I go for a compact great camera and a phone where I’ll be happy unlocking and using but can still take those shots to remember a moment.

As with a lot of things in my life (and something I wish I didn’t do) I’m probably overthinking and will torture myself with the choices, overanalysing everything.

But, I’m thinking I may change my setup.

Sell the 11 Pro. Get an iPhone SE 2020 or Google Pixel 4a. Get a Sony RX100.

This way I have a great little camera plus a phone with a good enough camera to catch those unplanned events.

Anyone else use this method or can recommend a small great camera?