Love going to Giffords Circus, 5th year in a row and always brings a smile to my face.

Base building in No Man’s Sky

Enjoying the latest No Man’s Sky update

Ready to go into No Man’s Sky

If anyone finds my lightning to 3.5mm adaptor please let me know… 😀

Turns out you can’t do much with an external keyboard cover on the iPad Mini. Too small to be comfortable.

Loving this little thing

Needed an external drive to backup our photos before selling the iMac. Wow this external ssd is fast!

Had another look at a 12.9” new style iPad Pro. Just can’t bring myself to spend MacBook Pro money buy the time I’ve bought the accessories when my 10.5” works well and already have the keyboard and pencil. They are amazing to use though.

I’m done with running beta 1 on my iPhone, caught me out too many times. Still running it on the 10.5 iPad Pro. Using it with a mouse and external keyboard is wild.