Nice trip out to a nearby ship graveyard.

Day 4 Peace, #mbaug

Bug #mbaug

Very odd to post a negative review on the App Store because it doesn’t work on iOS 14. I feel for the developers that have to put up with users like that.

Wordpress or Micro.Blog for my writing

Now I’ve got a good feel for M.B I’ve learned a lot about it vs Wordpress. I think I’m still going to be here but will post to my wordpress blog. I’ve got readers reaching out and I’m also finding that for longer form posts I prefer the Wordpress app. My main takeaway is I love this community and looking forward to continuing posting here.

Sunset FLOATING on the sea in West Wales. #mbaug

Going for a pretty simple iPhone home screen these days. Just to tools to get me through the day. Some mental health, no news or podcasts, more photography.

I’ve been doing a lot of trimming down of the media I consume lately. Even podcasts I’ve listened to for years I’ve realised that some of my unhappiness is coming from the influence of others. I’ve always got an earbud in and I decided to be ok with being bored. I’m finding I have more time to form my own thoughts and my mind feels a little less active.

Thinking about a new setup

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about simplifying my setup and with my daily issues around FaceID still after all this time I’m tempted to make a change. The main reason I stay on the flagship (in this case 11 Pro) is all down to the camera. I spend all that money on a new phone each each just for the camera upgrade. This got me sitting down and thinking about how I could stop this cycle, maybe I need to change the way I think about the camera. As good as it is it still won’t beat a dedicated camera in my opinion.

Maybe I go for a compact great camera and a phone where I’ll be happy unlocking and using but can still take those shots to remember a moment.

As with a lot of things in my life (and something I wish I didn’t do) I’m probably overthinking and will torture myself with the choices, overanalysing everything.

But, I’m thinking I may change my setup.

Sell the 11 Pro. Get an iPhone SE 2020 or Google Pixel 4a. Get a Sony RX100.

This way I have a great little camera plus a phone with a good enough camera to catch those unplanned events.

Anyone else use this method or can recommend a small great camera?

Floating #mbaug

Gluon might be my favorite M.B client.

I’m enjoying being here at Micro.Blog, the only real criticism I have is related to performance. Not sure if it’s just my internet but an take up to a minute to see my feed, sometimes discover never loads and posts to my blog can take up to 5 minutes to appear.

Another one for #mbaug this time of year I’m using at the International Air Tattoo and I’m definitely missing it. My camera would be pointed up most of the 4 days I’m using there.

Starting off the August Photo challenge with something I quite often look up at and still inspired and in awe of. 📷 #mbaug

Trying to go cross-platform.

After a day’s play I’ve completely given up on using Google services, iOS apps are old and not up to date. Some very wierd differences around what you can do on the web and what you can in app. Going cross-platform seems Microsoft might be the way to go… didnt think I’d be saying that …

I’m not completely going in with Microsoft yet but will be testing out OneNote, Outlook and MS TODO on iOS.

Any Google Cal and To Do users out there? On iOS the app is pretty terrible and doesn’t integrate with the Calendar app at all, which seems weird. Showing a sign of how committed Google are to actually update their apps?

Anyone using Micro.Blog on Android? First party app available? Picking up a 4a most probably so want to be as cross platform with everything as I can.

I just cant seem to get my M.B to appear in a Google search, not sure if it’s something I’m doing wrong? With Wordpress I felt like I was creating for everyone but I’m a bit walled into M.B at the moment. Anything I’m doing wrong here?

A trail of failed projects

Feeling like there is a host of failed creative projects following me around and writing is the only one that’s stuck with me. I enjoy writing about passions and sharing my experiences. Experience is also telling me which ones to keep going and which ones to drop. I’m going to be doing some planning on what I can do and put effort into given the current situation and my energy levels with balancing work, family and hobbies. Being realistic about what I can get done is going to be something I need to be honest with myself about. Watch this space but I’ll be making decisions on which I’m dropping and which are staying.

Be careful going between iOS 14 and iOS 13. After days of downloading messages from iCloud all of my messages across all of my devices have been deleted.

My thought at the moment is sell my 11 Pro and get SE+Sony RX100. That way I get the phone I want and a very small lightweight camera to take with me pretty much everywhere. Probably won’t go through with it but good thought experiment.

FaceID seems less reliable for me lately on both iOS 13 and iOS 14. If the SE had a better camera I’d jump over to one but I’d miss the 2x zoom way too much I think. I’m ok with it on iPad Pro but am ever since the X never really liked it. When I switched to the 7 again last year for a few weeks I lived the fact I could be unlocked as soon as I picked it up with my thumb.

For those you into TO DO apps, which one do you find is the most reliable from a sync perspective? Reminders is good to sync quick but the app isn’t great for trackpad support and omnifocus is now failing to sync across devices reliably.

I think moving between task managers is some kind of sick hobby for me these days… Reminders too frustrating with no right click support. I am using the magic keyboard about 80% of the time now and really miss having more keyboard and trackpad support.

Wishing I was at the beach.